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POPULUS deltoides x yunnan Kawa
Large growing tree, bred from the Chinese poplar, but faster and better formed, making it a good choice for timber. Also excellent as drive liner, shelter, screen, shade tree, coppicing firewood, fodder source or erosion control. Large heart-shaped mid-green leaves change to bright gold in May/June. Tough and hardy, but performs best in a gully situation, out of strong prevailing winds and on damper soils.
Deciduous - 10m+ x 5m+
Available mid-June to late August

POPULUS euramericana Veronese
Very vigorous poplar with smaller leaves and a better tolerance to dry, hillier country and wind (including salt wind) than most of the other poplars. Beautiful gold autumn colour. Quickly forms a large tree, ideal as a drive liner, paddock specimen, shelter, screen or coppicing firewood. Often used for hillside erosion control. This poplar clone was developed in NZ.
Deciduous - 10m+ x 5m+
Available mid-June to late August

POPULUS yunnanensis Chinese Poplar
Attractive tall-growing tree with a broad crown and large mid-green leaves lasting well into July. Excellent fast-growing deciduous shelter, screen, shade tree, coppicing firewood, fodder source or erosion control. 'Limbs up' well as a drive liner. Tough and hardy, but susceptible to damage if fully exposed to strong prevailing wind. Tolerant of heavy, damp soil.
Deciduous - 10m+ x 6m+
Available mid-June to late August

QUERCUS palustris - Pin Oak
A vigorous grower, with strong central leader and horizontally layered branches; lower branches droop to the ground, but can be 'limbed up' (trimmed off). Lovely colour in autumn, when leaves turn rusty orange/red, fading to brown. Ideal lawn or paddock specimen, for woodland plantings, drives and around ponds. Tough, wind-hardy and tolerant of dry or quite damp soil; does best in moist, rich soils.
Deciduous - 8m x 6m

SALIX chrysocoma - Golden Weeping Willow
A must-have for around the pond or for planting in the paddock to shelter stock, this is the classic large weeping tree. The 'golden' refers to the colour of the branches and trunks; leaves are green, turning yellow in autumn. Left untrimmed, branches will hang down to the ground. Very rapidly growing, reaching 5-6m high and 6-8m wide at 5 years. Prefers damp to very wet ground and will stand most winds.
Deciduous - 8m x 10m @ 10 years
Available mid-June to late August

SALIX humboldtiana - Pencil Willow
A tall, narrow, graceful willow, ideal as screening or shelter where height is required without width. Makes an attractive drive liner. Wind hardy; grows quickly and performs best in moist conditions, but avoid swampy. Stays evergreen in mild winters.
Semi-evergreen - 8m x 1.5m

SALIX kinuyanagi - Fodder Willow
Very fast willow, which makes a stock food with high protein levels (similar to lucerne hay). Ideal for planting in unproductive wet areas as a food bank. Harvest in summer and feed to stock; will regrow by next summer.
Evergreen - 6m x 4m

SALIX matsudana Tortuosa - Corkscrew Willow, Peking Willow
This beautiful 'tortured willow' is well loved for its corkscrewing branches, perfect for floral art. A fast grower, it will provide a solid screen for privacy or wind protection within 12 months. Lovely by a pond. Tolerates damp soils and needs adequate summer moisture.
Deciduous - 6m x 4m @ 10 years
Available mid-June to late August

SEQUOIA sempervirens - Californian Redwood
Stately, narrow conical tree for farm landscaping or durable timber production. Likes deep, moist (not swampy) soils and more sheltered sites; lovely beside a stream. Plant singly or in groves at 3-6m spacing. Grows quickly in NZ's climate (up to 1m-plus per year) and is eventually very tall (25-35m). At 111m, a USA sequoia, 'The Founder's Tree', is the world's tallest recorded tree. Growth rings in fallen giants have indicated a life span of 2200 years.
Evergreen - 8m x 4m @ 10 years

SOPHORA godleyi - Rangitikei Kowhai
From the Rangitikei region, this kowhai has long pendulous branches with grey-green foliage and prolific gold flowers, attracting tuis in the spring. Grows in damp (not boggy) or dry soils and is coastal hardy. Grows naturally along stream banks and on the edge of the bush, eventually forming a wide-headed canopy.
Evergreen - 7m x 5m

TAXODIUM ascendens - Pond Cypress
A very erect, columnar North American tree with ascending (upward rising) branches. Smaller and slimmer than its cousin, the swamp cypress. Grows in normal conditions but can also handle very wet soils. Soft feathery new foliage is brilliant green in spring, turning to mid-green in summer and becoming rich golden brown in autumn. Reasonably wind tolerant.
Deciduous - 8m x 4m

TAXODIUM distichum - Swamp Cypress, Bald Cypress
Large conifer with soft feathery foliage which emerges as a brilliant green in spring, turning to mid-green in summer and becoming rich golden brown in autumn. Will grow in or near water, making it a perfect choice for swampy areas or pond surrounds. Will also grow in normal to dry soils. Reasonably wind tolerant.
Deciduous - 10m x 5m

TAXODIUM mucronatum - Mexican Swamp Cypress
Rapidly growing giant, with strongly weeping branches and a distinct conical shape. Displays rich bronze colour in winter and has long, narrow cones. Great for planting alongside streams or in wet problem areas, though won't grow in standing water. Hardy in all areas but prefers damp or wet soils
Evergreen - 8m x 5m at 10years

  Records 61 - 73 of 73

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