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PSEUDOPANAX lessonii Goldfinger
Beautiful native with finger like, bright golden new growth ageing to dark green. Great in mixed plantings as a contrast to greens, purples and silver-blues. Avoid wet areas, otherwise happy in average soils, in semi shade or full sun (colour will be better in full sun). Takes coastal, windy sites. Birds attracted to the seeds.
Evergreen - 1.8m x 1.5m

RHOPALOSTYLIS sapida - Nikau Palm
NZ's elegant native palm, with smooth, straight trunk growing to 8m-plus, crowned by feather-like 3m-long fronds. Spectacular lilac to cream flowers form in clusters up to 60cm long through summer, followed by brilliant red fruit, which ripen a year or more later. Being a bush dweller, the nikau likes a shady situation and shelter when young, but later becomes tolerant of sun, wind and coastal conditions. Slow growing. Beautiful planted in a grove.
Evergreen - 4m x 1.5m @ 10 years

TEUCRIUM fruticans - Silver Germander
A small Mediterranean shrub enjoying hot, dry sunny locations. Tolerant of coastal exposure. Forms a loose, fast growing bush, with 2cm lavender-blue flowers through most of the year. Ideal as a low box-clipped hedge or an informal screen; will also happily fill an awkward corner or a bank when mass planted. To keep bushy, pinch back long shoots during the growth period. Does not like wet soils.
Evergreen - 1.5m x 1.5m

VITEX lucens - Puriri
A large native tree with round-headed spreading canopy, excellent for specimen planting in the paddock or lawn, or for use in mixed plantings of natives, especially on windy and/or coastal sites. Maintains juvenile shrubby form for several years. Small dull-red year-round flowers are followed by bright orange-red fruit, enjoyed by native pigeons. Will grow in dry to damp (not wet) soils. Moderately frost tender.
Evergreen - 6m x 5m @ 10 years

WESTRINGIA brevifolia Highlight - Variegated Australian Rosemary
Hardy and compact rounded small shrub which will grow in coastal conditions. Can be used as a clipped hedge, low maintenance specimen shrub or as an attractive filler for full sun or partial shade situations. Dainty mauve-blue flowers appear from late spring through summer. Thrives in dry to normal conditions, and can be cut back hard.
Evergreen - 1.5m x 1.5m

WESTRINGIA fruticosa - Coastal Rosemary
Extremely hardy and compact plant with rosemary like foliage, deep green and silvery underneath, which forms a dense, twiggy bush. Small white to pale mauve flowers appear from late winter through to summer. Perfect as a clipped hedge or low maintenance specimen shrub, and useful for filling large areas quickly. Grows well in most situations, including coastal. Avoid wet sites.
Evergreen - 1.5m x 1.5m

  Records 121 - 126 of 126

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