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With Grant McKechnie

Bought a lifestyle block and don’t know where to start with your planting?  Got a hankering to grow your own firewood? Want a paddock tree that’ll shade Daisy in summer and give you stunning autumn colour?

After a quarter century helping locals with their lifestyle blocks, we’ve seen it all. Have a read of the articles below to find the solution to your planting dilemma.

Think we’ve missed something? We’d love to hear your ideas for future articles.

Add a dash of colour

All about deciduous trees - you know, the ones that go naked in autumn, but give us a good burst of colour first ... more

More on colour

Last month we talked about deciduous trees and in particular, maples. I'm going to continue the theme this month, but concentrate on other trees that are particularly good for rural plantings ... more

Plant your own firewood

There was a time when the words tea tree and firewood went hand in hand. This century, however, manuka and kanuka have better things to do than go up the chimney in smoke ... more

Lifestyle block pre-plant checklist

So you've bought a lifestyle block, and now you're ready to plant. Before you rip into it, take a little time to plan your plantings - a bit of time spent now will reap dividends later ... more

Strictly for the birds

One of life's simple pleasures for me is sitting on our deck on a summer's day watching the tuis feeding on the flax flowers. They are so cheeky and ... more

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