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McKechnie Nurseries
McKechnie Nurseries, Robinson Road, Coatesville, RD3, Albany
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Acacia melanoxylon - Australian Blackwood
A fast, attractive shelterbelt; also grown for coppice firewood (7 yrs) and high quality timber (30 - 35yrs). Works well with eucalypts in mixed shelterbelt. Tolerates wide range of sites from wet to dry, but will be slower in extremes than on well-drained loams where growth of 5m in 2.5 years is possible. Avoid very exposed positions. Spacing: shelter, 1.5m; firewood, 2 x 2m; timber, 3 x 3m with nurse-crop (such as eucalyptus) in alternate rows.
Evergreen - 10m x 6m

Acaena inermis Purpurea - Purple Bidibid
A rapidly growing, bright purple/pink ground cover with attractive ferny foliage creating a mat effect. Easy care and will hold its colour year-round in full sun or semi shade. Wind resistant but slightly frost tender; prefers well-drained soils.
Evergreen - 2cmh x 30cmw

Acer campestre - English Maple, Hedge Maple
Large, round-headed tree, strong growing and hardy. A tough maple for exposed sites/wind. Used as specimen, shelter or shade and can be clipped as a hedge. Autumn foliage is clear yellow, often flushed with red.
Deciduous - 10m x 5m

Acer palmatum - Japanese Maple
Forms a round-headed, airy small tree, with slender green and red branchlets. Perfect for patio, tub or against a wall, in a border or as a specimen on the lawn or beside a pond. Dainty leaves change from reddish in spring to fresh green in summer, then yellow, orange and red in autumn. Mulch to keep roots cool in summer and protect from the wind.
Deciduous - 5m x 4m

Acer palmatum Atropurpureum - Purple Japanese Maple
Small tree with graceful spreading branch habit. One of the most beautiful maples, with purple leaves throughout the season, turning red in autumn. Likes deep, cool soil; mulch to conserve moisture in summer. Wind tender - needs a sheltered spot. Lovely beside water.
Deciduous - 2.5m x 2m

Acer palmatum dissectum - Weeping Japanese Maple
Slow-growing, low, weeping form which provides a spectacular display of mounded colour. These are seedling grown plants with variable coloured leaves from green-bronze to purple. Wind tender - needs a sheltered spot. Lovely beside water.
Deciduous - 1m x 1.5m

Acer platanoides Nigrum - Purple Norway Maple
A large, vigorous tree with rounded shape, and beautiful large dark purple leaves throughout the growing season, turning reddish-purple in autumn. Reasonably wind tolerant and happy in varying soils and climates except very dry or wet areas. Ideal specimen, shade or drive tree.
Deciduous - 7m x 5m

Acer pseudoplatanus Purpureum - Purple Sycamore Maple
Large tree with spreading habit, needing plenty of space. Fast-growing and hardy to cold and wind, including salt wind. Tolerates wet, dry and exposed sites. Large green maple-shaped leaves are purple underneath and turn to bronze and orange in autumn. Yellowish flowers in spring. Ideal shade tree.
Deciduous - 6m x 4m

Acer rubrum - Red Canadian Maple, Swamp Maple
Quick-growing beautiful large tree, with a neat, rounded shape. Leaves glossy green in summer, turning rich scarlet in autumn. Clusters of small red flowers appear before the leaves in spring. Prefers moist sites and will tolerate swampy soils and moderate winds.
Deciduous - 15m x 7m

Acer saccharum - Sugar Maple
Tall, stately, slow growing, round headed tree with magnificent red, orange and yellow toned autumn colours and a framework of stout, upward sweeping branches. Perfect as a paddock or drive feature tree. Eventually very tall (20-30m); needs plenty of space and well drained, good soil.
Deciduous - 10m x 6m @ 10 years

Aesculus hippocastanum - Common Horse Chestnut
A magnificent flowering tree from Southeast Europe with rounded crown, heavy twisted trunk and peeling bark. Has big leaves and large, upright conical candles of cream flowers late spring, followed by spiky conkers (not edible). Beautiful avenue or shade tree; prefers fertile soil and protection from constant winds.
Deciduous - 6m x 5m @ 10 years

Agapanthus Streamline
A beautiful agapanthus with dwarf foliage and months of sky blue blooms over summer. An excellent, easy grower perfect for trouble free mass plantings that will add maximum colour to the garden for minimum effort. Grows in most conditions, sun to semi shade and is hardy to frost.
Evergreen - 50cm x 50cm

Agathis australis - Kauri
Majestic forest giant, deserving of a place in the farm or large garden landscape. Ideal to scatter among revegetating bush. Has neat pyramidal form when young, eventually having a spreading crown. Grows in most soils but requires sheltered, part shade situation with cool roots and summer moisture (not waterlogged) when young. Mulch to simulate bush conditions
Evergreen - 6m @ 10 years

Albizzia julibrissin rosea - Silk Tree
Drought-hardy spreading shade tree with fern-like foliage and silky, fluffy pink flowers across the crown in summer. Regarded as one of the showiest of trees, especially when viewed from above. Train to desired height by trimming side branches when young. Takes normal to dry soils, including light, sandy soils.
Deciduous - 5m x 5m

Alectryon excelsus - Titoki, New Zealand Oak
Attractive large native with short trunk, spreading branches and glossy foliage. Striking red and black fruit enjoyed by the birds follow little rust-red flowers in early summer. Excellent specimen, shade or drive tree. Easily trimmed to desired size. Frost tender when young, and dislikes very windy or wet conditions.
Evergreen - 7m x 4m

Anemanthele lessoniana - Gossamer Grass, Sand Wand Grass
A beautiful native grass, forming vigorous but graceful clumps which wave in the wind. Feathery flower heads appear in spring. Grows in sun or shade; leaves are green in the shade, but golden brown in the sun. Needs free draining soil, and tolerates very dry sites. Great mass planted.
Evergreen - 80cm x 80cm

Arthropodium cirratum Matapouri Bay - Reinga Lily
Forms a small, flax-like clump with broad, blue-hued leaves, topped in summer by masses of starry white flowers on long stems. Ideal mass planted on shady banks, in borders, rock gardens and under trees. Prefers shade, but will grow in full sun. Frost tender, tolerant of coastal conditions. NB: Leaves often eaten by slugs or snails when young.
Evergreen - 70cm x 70cm

Asplenium bulbiferum - Hen & Chickens Fern
An easy-to-grow fern for full or partial shade. Tolerates dry soils but prefers moist conditions. New foliage is bright green and darkens as it ages. Fernlets (the 'chickens') develop on older leaves. These can be plucked off and grown. Frost tolerant.
Evergreen - 75cm x 75cm

Astelia banksii - Wharawhara
A New Zealand native flax-like plant with curving silvery-green leaves and panicles of fragrant, pale green flowers on 50cm stems. On female plants, the flowers produce greenish-white fruit which become magenta-purple when mature. Tolerant of dry soils and coastal extremes; does best in a location which avoids the hottest midday sun.
Evergreen - 1m x 1m

Astelia chathamica - Chatham Is. Astelia
An attractive tufted, flax-like plant, found naturally on the forest-floor or perched in trees. Silvery-green leaves make a dramatic contrast in mixed plantings, especially with purple or red foliaged plants. Small bird-attracting fruit follows inconspicuous flowers. Will grow in full sun, but prefers part or full shade; coastal hardy and needs well drained soils.
Evergreen - 1.3m x 1.3m

  Records 1 - 20 of 202

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