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Deciduous ornamental trees List   Records 21 - 30 of 30

METASEQUOIA glyptostroboides - Dawn Redwood
A very fast-growing, very tall Chinese tree, similar in appearance to the Californian redwood, but differing in that it loses its leaves. Soft, ferny green foliage changes in autumn to golden-brown with pink and apricot tints. Dislikes very wet or very dry soils, but handles slightly moist sites. Allow plenty of space, as this becomes a very tall tree.
Deciduous - 12m x 6m @ 10 years

NYSSA sylvatica - Tupelo
One of the showiest trees for autumn colour, with leaves turning rich scarlet, orange and yellow even in mild areas. Dark red bark adds to beauty. Slowish growth, pyramidal when young, spreading with age, lower branches often drooping. Copes with wet feet, also dry conditions, in sun or partial shade. Excellent by ponds.
Deciduous - 7m x 5m

Fast-growing, large, round-headed tree with big maple-like leaves, burr-like fruit and smooth cream/grey bark which peels off in flakes. A first choice for lawn or paddock specimens, or for lining drives. Survives in extremes of poor soil, limited or excess moisture and sealed roots, hence its wide use as a city street tree. Can be pollarded (cut back) severely, but if growing to full size, allow plenty of space.
Deciduous - 7m x 5m @ 10years

QUERCUS coccinea - Scarlet Oak
Large, stately North American oak eventually forming a wide spreading open-branched crown. Large leaves turn an intense scarlet in autumn - best red of all the oaks. Ideal as lawn or paddock specimen, for woodland plantings, for drives and around ponds. Hardy to drought once established; also tolerates dampness and some wind. May sit without growing for the first couple of years.
Deciduous - 7m x 5m

QUERCUS palustris - Pin Oak
A vigorous grower, with strong central leader and horizontally layered branches; lower branches droop to the ground, but can be 'limbed up' (trimmed off). Lovely colour in autumn, when leaves turn rusty orange/red, fading to brown. Ideal lawn or paddock specimen, for woodland plantings, drives and around ponds. Tough, wind-hardy and tolerant of dry or quite damp soil; does best in moist, rich soils.
Deciduous - 8m x 6m

QUERCUS robur - English Oak
Broad, spreading, short-trunked tree needing plenty of space - often seen in parks and public gardens. Large, mid-green leaves turn yellow in autumn. Ideal for drives and around ponds, or for shade on the lawn; also grown to produce valuable durable timber. Trees long-lived; tough, okay in most situations, but do best in moist soils. Reasonably wind-hardy. Produce lots of acorns.
Deciduous - 10m x 10m

QUERCUS robur Fastigiata - Upright English Oak
An oak with columnar form similar to a Lombardy poplar when young, maturing to a very tall pyramidal shape. Useful for shelter, paddock or garden specimens or for lining drives. Tough and wind hardy; tolerates moist soils. Yellow autumn leaves turn brown and hang on through winter.
Deciduous - 8m x 3m @10years

QUERCUS rubra - Red Oak
A large-growing North American oak, similar to the scarlet oak, but having bigger leaves, which are matt rather than glossy. Good red autumn colour; may fade to a dull red, or sometimes yellowish bronze in maturity. High branching habit and open crown makes it a good shade tree. Also produces valuable timber. A tough tree, tolerating some wind, and poorer soils.
Deciduous - 10m x 7m

TAXODIUM ascendens - Pond Cypress
A very erect, columnar North American tree with ascending (upward rising) branches. Smaller and slimmer than its cousin, the swamp cypress. Grows in normal conditions but can also handle very wet soils. Soft feathery new foliage is brilliant green in spring, turning to mid-green in summer and becoming rich golden brown in autumn. Reasonably wind tolerant.
Deciduous - 8m x 4m

TAXODIUM distichum - Swamp Cypress, Bald Cypress
Large conifer with soft feathery foliage which emerges as a brilliant green in spring, turning to mid-green in summer and becoming rich golden brown in autumn. Will grow in or near water, making it a perfect choice for swampy areas or pond surrounds. Will also grow in normal to dry soils. Reasonably wind tolerant.
Deciduous - 10m x 5m

  Records 21 - 30 of 30

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