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Evergreen ornamental trees List   Records 21 - 34 of 34

MERYTA sinclairii - Puka
Multi-branched and round headed when mature; very popular in tropical gardens or mixed plantings, or as a shade tree on the lawn. Huge leaves make a clacking noise when blowing in the wind. Shiny black berries in summer attract birds, especially kereru (wood pigeons). Frost tender, wind hardy, suits normal to dry soils. May need occasional spray with insecticide.
Evergreen - 4m x 3m

METROSIDEROS excelsa - Pohutukawa, NZ Christmas Tree
Large spreading tree with tough, leathery dark green leaves and masses of dark crimson flowers from December through mid-summer. Perfect in many landscaping situations where space permits and an obvious choice for coastal planting (takes very heavy wind and salt spray). Grows well in any soil except wet, including steep and/or rocky or sandy sites. Frost tender when young.
Evergreen - 8m x 5m @ 10 years

METROSIDEROS excelsa Scarlet Pimpernel - Pohutukawa
A slow-growing, smaller cultivar of the NZ pohutukawa tree, with a rounded shape and masses of brilliant scarlet flowers for a long period over summer. Excellent as a specimen, hedge or screen. Tolerates strong coastal winds and most soils except wet. Frost tender when young.
Evergreen - 5m x 3.5m

METROSIDEROS excelsa Vibrance - Pohutukawa
A beautiful cultivar of the NZ pohutukawa tree, growing short and wide, with large, bright scarlet flowers in summer. Excellent as a specimen, hedge or screen, or for added interest in a mixed planting. Slowish growing; tolerates strong coastal winds and most soils except wet. Frost tender when young.
Evergreen - 4m x 3m

MICHELIA doltsopa
Small, open branched, pyramidal tree with glossy green leaves and masses of creamy white, highly perfumed, 10 to 15cm flowers through winter and spring. Lovely for mixed borders, in light woodland plantings, as a lawn specimen or beside a path (can be limbed up if necessary). Plant in good soils in sun or semi shade, and avoid wet sites. Protect from heavy frosts.
Evergreen - 6m x 3m

OLEA europaea J5 - J5 Olive
A NZ bred olive, particularly suited to Auckland and Northland conditions. J5 produces reliable heavy crops of medium-sized fruit for oil and pickling, but can also be used as an ornamental tree, with silvery-green foliage and airy branch structure. Readily trims to desired height and shape. Needs free-draining site, and will cope with sandy or stony soils. Hardy to wind and drought once established.
Evergreen - 5m x 3m

PODOCARPUS totara - Totara
One of NZ's forest giants, totara can be more shrub-like when young. Planted in the open, it is often densely branched and pyramidal in shape, and staking is required to keep it going up straight. If growing on the forest floor, totara will head for the sunlight and stay straight. Foliage can be bronze to green. Hardy to wind and frost and will tolerate damp soils and coastal conditions.
Evergreen - 6m x 4m @ 10 years

PODOCARPUS totara Aurea - Golden Totara
Graceful branches and rich golden foliage make this a beautiful specimen tree for the garden. Planted in the open, it is often densely branched and pyramidal in shape. Staking may be required if a more upright form is desired. Use as a specimen tree or attractive hedge. Hardy to wind and frost and will tolerate damp soils and coastal conditions.
Evergreen - 5m x 3m

SEQUOIA sempervirens - Californian Redwood
Stately, narrow conical tree for farm landscaping or durable timber production. Likes deep, moist (not swampy) soils and more sheltered sites; lovely beside a stream. Plant singly or in groves at 3-6m spacing. Grows quickly in NZ's climate (up to 1m-plus per year) and is eventually very tall (25-35m). At 111m, a USA sequoia, 'The Founder's Tree', is the world's tallest recorded tree. Growth rings in fallen giants have indicated a life span of 2200 years.
Evergreen - 8m x 4m @ 10 years

SOPHORA godleyi - Rangitikei Kowhai
From the Rangitikei region, this kowhai has long pendulous branches with grey-green foliage and prolific gold flowers, attracting tuis in the spring. Grows in damp (not boggy) or dry soils and is coastal hardy. Grows naturally along stream banks and on the edge of the bush, eventually forming a wide-headed canopy.
Evergreen - 7m x 5m

SOPHORA microphylla Dragon's Gold - Dwarf Kowhai
A compact dwarf form of kowhai that flowers well from a young age, with showy displays of yellow flowers in clusters winter and early summer. A colourful addition to a smaller garden, and very effective as a tub plant. Protect from strong winds and avoid wet soils. Plant in full sun or part shade.
Semi-evergreen - 1m x 1m

SYZYGIUM paniculatum - Australian Rose Apple
Fast-growing with graceful branches, red new shoots and fluffy white flowers in summer followed by purple berries in winter, which are great fodder for birds. Ideal quick screen, shelter, clipped hedge or specimen. Frost tender when young. Suits most soils except wet and takes a reasonable amount of wind. May need occasional spray with insecticide for psyllid, visible as tiny lumps in the leaves.
Evergreen - 7m x 5m

TAXODIUM mucronatum - Mexican Swamp Cypress
Rapidly growing giant, with strongly weeping branches and a distinct conical shape. Displays rich bronze colour in winter and has long, narrow cones. Great for planting alongside streams or in wet problem areas, though won't grow in standing water. Hardy in all areas but prefers damp or wet soils
Evergreen - 8m x 5m at 10years

VITEX lucens - Puriri
A large native tree with round-headed spreading canopy, excellent for specimen planting in the paddock or lawn, or for use in mixed plantings of natives, especially on windy and/or coastal sites. Maintains juvenile shrubby form for several years. Small dull-red year-round flowers are followed by bright orange-red fruit, enjoyed by native pigeons. Will grow in dry to damp (not wet) soils. Moderately frost tender.
Evergreen - 6m x 5m @ 10 years

  Records 21 - 34 of 34

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