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COPROSMA Flat Freddy - Ground Cover Coprosma
A new low growing native ground cover with very flat habit and almost black foliage which provides a good colour contrast in mixed plantings. Great on banks, in borders and spilling over retaining walls. Tough and hardy, taking drought, frost, wind, sun or shade and most soils, including sandy, but avoid wet sites.
Evergreen - 15cm high x 1m wide

COPROSMA propinqua Autumn Haze(PVR)
This striking prostrate coprosma has variegated cream and green leaves with pretty splashes of apricot. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to patio pots, gardens or rockeries, plus it does a great job at smothering weeds. Easy to grow in most soils, including coastal, and hardy to frost. Plant in full sun for best colour. Avoid wet sites.
Evergreen - 20cm x 1.5m

COPROSMA propinqua var. martinii Taiko
A spreading, dense ground cover or wall spiller, forming an attractive mound of little shiny dark green leaves on weeping branchlets which appear to cascade to ground level. Vigorous and hardy, tolerating poor, dry or sandy conditions, coastal spray, sun or shade.
Evergreen - 20cm high x 1.5m wide

COPROSMA repens Green Rock
A semi prostrate coprosma with vibrant, glossy green leaves; great as a fast ground cover or wall spiller. Vigorous and hardy, tolerating poor, dry or sandy conditions, coastal spray, sun or shade. Avoid wet soils. Easy to maintain, and an excellent cover for steep or difficult areas.
Evergreen - 60cm high x 1m wide

A bushy, compact coprosma with tiny bronze red leaves, which become more intensely coloured during autumn and winter. Very effective against a boulder or rock wall, as a small, neat clipped hedge or for mass planting. Hardy, tolerant of poor, dry, windy conditions, sun or part shade. Needs well drained soils.
Evergreen - 80cm x 80cm

One of the best native groundcovers. Closely branched, it rapidly forms a dense mat of shiny deep olive-green leaves. Takes drought, ocean spray, wind, sun or shade and most soils, including sandy, but avoid wet sites. Useful in any situation where a hardy, rapidly growing, easily maintained groundcover or wall spiller is called for. Excellent cover for steep or difficult areas. Can be trimmed hard.
Evergreen - 30cm high x 1.5m wide

DIANELLA intermedia (syn. Dianella nigra) - Turutu, NZ Blueberry
Flax-like and small, this NZ native features star shaped flowers followed in autumn by indigo berries which birds enjoy. Perfect for adding colour and interest to shady spots in the garden or for shaded areas in revegetation plantings. Hardy to frost, it will thrive in filtered shade in average to well drained soils.
Evergreen - 50cm x 50cm

FICINIA nodosa (syn. Isolepsis nodosa) - Knobby Clubrush
A shiny dark green rush, topped with brownish seed clusters. Grows well on dry coastal banks, dunes and stream banks, but also handles wet sites, including saline marshes. Prefers full sun. Very useful in native revegetation projects, especially in coastal situations.
Evergreen - 60cm x 50cm

FUCHSIA procumbens - Creeping Fuchsia
A beautiful prostrate New Zealand native with soft mid green, heart shaped leaves and small tubular yellow flowers followed by showy red berries which last through autumn. Perfect for rock gardens, trailing over walls or planting under trees. Coastal hardy and will take sandy or gravelly soils; prefers well draining soils in winter and a shady spot. Vigorous growing.
Evergreen - 15cm x 90cm

GAZANIA Daybreak Pink
Pink, daisy like flowers proliferate on this dwarf perennial which is perfect for banks, rockeries and low borders. Great for mass plantings, providing a spectacular show. Grows well in full sunlight and dry situations and will bind sandy soils. Withstands light frosts.
Evergreen - 15cm x 50cm

GREVILLEA juniperina Prostrate Yellow
A beautiful ground cover grevillea, showing yellow spider flowers for most of the year. Provides great colour when used in mass plantings on banks, borders or in rockeries. Easy to grow, surviving in dry areas and withstanding mild frosts and coastal conditions. Avoid wet sites.
Evergreen - 30cm x 2m

MUEHLENBECKIA complexa - Pohuehue, Wire Vine
Forms a tangled mat of wiry stems and small leaves; excellent as dense cover on banks. over old tree stumps, or as a scrambling low hedge. Tiny cream flowers are followed by berries, loved by birds, in summer/autumn. Vigorous and fast growing, takes normal to dry soils, including rocky and sandy, full sun or part shade. At home in salt spray; often used in dune revegetation and stabilisation.
Evergreen - 50cm high x 1 - 2m wide

OPHIOPOGON planiscapus Nigrescens - Black Mondo Grass
Striking dark purple to black grass with dainty white or lilac flowers in summer, followed by tiny black berries. Use it to provide beautiful contrast in ground cover or garden edge plantings. Looks great in pots or as under planting. Prefers semi shade, but will take full sun. Dry soil conditions are best.
Evergreen - 30cm x 25cm

OSTEOSPERMUM Mauve - Cape Daisy
A pretty African ground cover with daisy like mauve flowers. Perfect for dry banks or borders, or anywhere an easy to grow, colourful plant is needed. Will thrive in full sun, most soils and salt winds and will survive long, dry summers well.
Evergreen - 60cm x 1m

PIMELEA prostrata Blue Peter - New Zealand Daphne
Native, mat forming ground cover with tiny, white starry, fragrant summer flowers and attractive blue foliage. Great in rockeries or for mass plantings to cover banks and retaining walls. Grows in full sun and part shade, coastal hardy and happy in dry soils, but needs protection from frost.
Evergreen - 15cm x 1m

  Records 21 - 35 of 35

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