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Revegetation natives List   Records 21 - 36 of 36

KUNZEA ericoides - Kanuka
Very similar to manuka, but grows larger and has smaller flowers. It is less tolerant than manuka of wet soils, but is quite happy on damp swamp margins, normal or dry soils, coastal or inland. Very versatile, and an excellent fast nurse crop to protect regenerating native bush. Size can vary
Evergreen - 10m x 5m

LEPTOSPERMUM scoparium - Manuka, Tea Tree
Hardy and quick-growing with masses of white flowers. Excellent nurse crop to protect regenerating native bush. Very versatile, growing in swamps or very dry areas, coastal or inland. Excellent for wetland plantings. Size can vary
Evergreen - 8m x 4m

MACROPIPER excelsum - Kawakawa
A native shrub, densely branched with aromatic, heart shaped leaves, traditionally used in Maori remedies. Tiny flowers are followed by bird attracting spikes of bright orange fruit in summer. Great for use in native border plantings, as a revegetation nurse plant or for hedging. Plant in sun or shade; copes with damp (not wet) or dry conditions and coastal winds.
Evergreen - 3m x 3m

MELICYTUS ramiflorus - Mahoe, Whiteywood
Mahoe is a fast-growing native with a sprawley multi-stemmed habit. Mature trunks and branches are distinctively white. A must for revegetation planting where its rapid growth will protect other species and smother weed growth. Birds love the small purple berries on the female trees in late summer. Will grow in full sun or partial shade, and dry to damp soils.
Evergreen - 5m x 3m

METROSIDEROS excelsa - Pohutukawa, NZ Christmas Tree
Large spreading tree with tough, leathery dark green leaves and masses of dark crimson flowers from December through mid-summer. Perfect in many landscaping situations where space permits and an obvious choice for coastal planting (takes very heavy wind and salt spray). Grows well in any soil except wet, including steep and/or rocky or sandy sites. Frost tender when young.
Evergreen - 8m x 5m @ 10 years

MYRSINE australis - Matipo
Also known as mapau, mapou and red matipo, this plant is very familiar to most people but often confused with Pittosporum tenuifolium. It is easily distinguished by its red stems. Matipo is very under-used. It is good for hedges and screens, mixed plantings, revegetation projects and under-planting of established trees. Grows in dry to damp soils, strong winds, full sun and quite deep shade. Berries attract birds.
Evergreen - 3m x 2m

PHORMIUM cookianum - Mountain Flax
A smaller growing flax than the more common Phormium tenax, but just as hardy, growing in rocky or sandy conditions and any soils, dry to damp (but not swampy). Tolerant of cold, heat and coastal winds. Foliage varies from erect leaves to more lax drooping leaves. Tall spikes of orange and yellow flowers attract tuis, bellbirds and silvereye in late spring, summer.
Evergreen - 1m x 1m

PHORMIUM tenax - Swamp Flax, NZ Green Flax
Very hardy, quick-growing broad-leafed plant. Excellent shelter for very windy places, coastal hardy. Tolerates both wet and dry soils. Great in mixed plantings, for erosion control, around ponds, as nurse shelter in native revegetation blocks and for planting in waste-water dispersal areas. Excellent for wetland plantings. Flowers on tall spikes attract birds.
Evergreen - 2-3m x 2m

PITTOSPORUM crassifolium - Karo
Excellent coastal hardy evergreen native. Toughest of all pittosporums, standing the strongest of winds, salt and dryness. Okay in sand, but not happy in heavy wet soils. Good nurse tree in revegetation plantings. Has small, dark red flowers with lovely scent. Trimming and feeding annually will help promote lushness. Hedge spacing: 1m.
Evergreen - 3m x 1.5m

PITTOSPORUM eugenoides - Lemonwood, Tarata
Great hedge, screen, specimen. Black spots on leaves disappear with age. Tough and fast with a neat conical shape; remains bushy to ground if grass controlled underneath. Grows 5 to 6m or more, but can be clipped hard for a smaller hedge. Easy to grow in most soils, sun or shade, but avoid wet spots. Mulching, feeding and a light trim will promote lushness. Hedge spacing: 1m.
Evergreen - 5m x 3m

PITTOSPORUM tenuifolium - Kohuhu
No-fuss native, excellent for hedges, screens and specimen. Good infill shrub in native revegetation plantings. Fast-growing with a neat pyramidal shape. Tiny red-black, sweetly scented flowers appear early summer. Grows 5 - 6m, but can be clipped hard for a smaller hedge. Easy to grow in almost any soil, sun or shade - but do not plant in wet spots. Mulching, feeding and a light trim will promote lush, healthy, bushy growth. Spacing for hedge - 1m.
Evergreen - 5m x 3m

PODOCARPUS totara - Totara
One of NZ's forest giants, totara can be more shrub-like when young. Planted in the open, it is often densely branched and pyramidal in shape, and staking is required to keep it going up straight. If growing on the forest floor, totara will head for the sunlight and stay straight. Foliage can be bronze to green. Hardy to wind and frost and will tolerate damp soils and coastal conditions.
Evergreen - 6m x 4m @ 10 years

PSEUDOPANAX arboreus - Five Finger, Puahou
Tropical-looking, much-branched small native tree, useful as specimen, shade, shelter or erosion control. Also a fast-growing nurse tree in revegetation projects. Sweet scented yellowish-green flowers are followed by ma sses of small purple fruit in spring, attracting tui and silvereye. Grows in sun or part shade, poor soils, dry or damp soils and windy/coastal spots.
Evergreen - 5m x 3m

PSEUDOPANAX crassifolius - Lancewood, Horoeka
A small, narrow tree with very long, toothed bronze-green leaves hanging on a branchless trunk for the first 15 to 20 years, then becoming a round-headed tree with much shorter, broader green leaves. Black shiny fruit attracts birds. Very effective alone or in groups in landscaping; also often used in revege projects. Grows in sun or shade and most soil conditions except wet. Wind tolerant.
Evergreen - 4m x 1m @ 10 years

PSEUDOPANAX lessonii - Coastal Five Finger, Houpara
A tough, coast-hardy shrub with attractive leathery leaves. An excellent fast-growing addition to mixed plantings; its lush look is well suited to tropical gardens. In autumn, birds feed on the purple fruit, which follow tiny green flowers. Grows in sun or part shade and most soil conditions except wet. Wind and frost tolerant.
Evergreen - 3m x 1.5m

VITEX lucens - Puriri
A large native tree with round-headed spreading canopy, excellent for specimen planting in the paddock or lawn, or for use in mixed plantings of natives, especially on windy and/or coastal sites. Maintains juvenile shrubby form for several years. Small dull-red year-round flowers are followed by bright orange-red fruit, enjoyed by native pigeons. Will grow in dry to damp (not wet) soils. Moderately frost tender.
Evergreen - 6m x 5m @ 10 years

  Records 21 - 36 of 36

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