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Food for the birds List Records 21 - 40 of 71

CORDYLINE australis Purpurea - Purple Cabbage Tree
A seedling grown purple version of the green cabbage tree, with slightly slower growth rate and less ultimate height. Removing growing tip helps multiple heads develop. Takes coastal winds, dry to damp soils, full sun or part shade. Spray for caterpillars at first sign of infestation (holes in leaves). Sweet flowers attract birds.
Evergreen - 5m x 2m

CORNUS kousa chinensis - Chinese Dogwood
A very pretty small tree with year round interest. Bright pink fruit follow flower bracts, which change from cream to white and finally pinkish red in late summer through autumn. Smooth oval leaves give a good show of rich reds, orange and violet in autumn. Performs best planted in full sun in good, friable soil, protected from strong winds. Mulch to keep roots cool.
Deciduous - 4m+ x 3m

COROKIA X VIRGATA Emerald 'n' Jade
A very hardy shrub for almost any well drained situation, including coastal, dry and windy, full sun or part shade. Forms an upright, multi branched shrub with fine green leaves and greyish stems. Masses of tiny yellow summer flowers are followed by small yellow autumn berries, loved by birds. Excellent as a low clipped hedge or small screen, and quite happy under big trees.
Evergreen - 2m x 1.2m

COROKIA X VIRGATA Frosted Chocolate
A very hardy shrub for full sun or partial shade. Will grow under big trees and on the coast. Tiny yellow flowers are followed by red berries. Chocolate-brown leaves intensify in colour in cooler months. Excellent as a low clipped hedge or small screen.
Evergreen - 2m x 1.2m

CORYNOCARPUS laevigatus - Karaka, NZ Laurel
A handsome big-growing tree with leathery glossy leaves and large orange fruit enjoyed by kereru (wood pigeons). The raw seed is poisonous to humans. Makes a good shade tree or screen and is often used in native revegetation plantings, especially on the coast. Possum hardy and very wind hardy, but frost tender when young, and needs free-draining soils.
Evergreen - 8m x 5m

DACRYCARPUS dacrydioides - Kahikatea, White Pine
A tall, slow-growing forest giant, with a great expanse of clean unbranched trunk. Thrives along stream sides, around ponds, in damp valleys or in swampy conditions; prefers damp and semi-shaded position when young. Looks great planted in groups or stands and under-planted with grasses. Red fruit in March is good for the birds.
Evergreen - 7m x 4m @ 10 years

DACRYDIUM cupressinum - Rimu
A slow-growing, eventually very tall, long-living forest giant, with straight trunk, neat conical shape and graceful, weeping foliage. Prefers a moist, semi- or fully-shaded position, protected from wind when young, but will cope with dryer soils and full sun once established. Mulching is helpful in early years. Birds are attracted to small fruits on female trees in autumn.
Evergreen - 6m x 3m @ 10 yrs

DIANELLA intermedia (syn. Dianella nigra) - Turutu, NZ Blueberry
Flax-like and small, this NZ native features star shaped flowers followed in autumn by indigo berries which birds enjoy. Perfect for adding colour and interest to shady spots in the garden or for shaded areas in revegetation plantings. Hardy to frost, it will thrive in filtered shade in average to well drained soils.
Evergreen - 50cm x 50cm

EUCALYPTUS ficifolia - Red Flowering Gum
Handsome, very fast-growing ornamental, usually a single trunked, round-headed tree, with spectacular flowers in summer. Although predominantly reds, colour on these seedling grown ficifolias can range through cream, orange, pink and deep red. Drought tolerant when established and coastal tolerant. Protect from frost when young. Flowers from early age.
Evergreen - 6-10m x 5m

EUCALYPTUS leucoxylon Rosea - Winter Flowering Gum
A quick-growing ornamental gum - great in a big garden with space, or out in the paddock as a shade tree. Tui and native bellbirds enjoy the honey-bearing flowers late autumn/winter. Flower colour on these seedling grown trees varies from pink to deep red. Wind tolerant and hardy to heavy frosts; avoid wet sites.
Evergreen - 8m x 6m

EUCALYPTUS nicholli - Peppermint Gum
Very attractive ornamental gum with weeping branches and fine textured bluish-green foliage, which smells of peppermint when crushed. Tiny white inconspicuous flowers attract birds. Grows in moist (not wet) soils and withstands drought and frost. Excellent shade tree.
Evergreen - 10+m x 6m

GREVILLEA evansiana Ned Kelly
A striking shrub, attractive to birds, with large orange to red flowers appearing almost year round. Provides great colour when used in mass plantings on banks or in borders. Will grow in dry areas and withstand mild frosts.
Evergreen - 1.5m x 2m

GRISELINIA littoralis - Broadleaf, Kapuka
Tough but very good-looking evergreen native for shelter; makes an elegant trimmed hedge. Contrasts well with variegated pittosporums in mixed plantings. Tolerates strong winds/coastal conditions and also grows inland, withstanding heavy frost. Grows in any soil and responds to feeding with faster growth and lush appearance. Avoid wet sites.
Evergreen - 3m x 2m

GRISELINIA lucida - Puka, Akapuka
A very tough, wind-hardy native plant whose natural habitat is rocky coastal sites (in nature, it often starts life as an epiphyte). Similar to Kapuka, but with bigger leaves, excellent for screens, shelter or mixed plantings
Evergreen - 2m x 1m

KNIGHTIA excelsa - Rewarewa, NZ Honeysuckle
Forms a tall (15m+), slender, poplar-like tree with long, toothed, coarse leaves and showy reddish-brown and yellow flowers which attract tui, bellbird, silvereye and bees in late spring/early summer. Grows in full sun or part shade, and takes wind and coastal conditions. Avoid waterlogged soils and protect from frost when young.
Evergreen - 7m x 2m @ 10 years

MACROPIPER excelsum - Kawakawa
A native shrub, densely branched with aromatic, heart shaped leaves, traditionally used in Maori remedies. Tiny flowers are followed by bird attracting spikes of bright orange fruit in summer. Great for use in native border plantings, as a revegetation nurse plant or for hedging. Plant in sun or shade; copes with damp (not wet) or dry conditions and coastal winds.
Evergreen - 3m x 3m

MELALEUCA lateritia - Robin Redbreast Bush
Striking, graceful plant for wet to dry areas. A wind-hardy, salt spray-tolerant choice for shelter, screens, clipped hedges and ornamental plantings. Very fast growing with orange-scarlet cylindrical flower spikes, up to 7cm long and 5cm wide through summer and autumn.
Evergreen - 3m x 2m

MELIA azederach - Indian Lilac, Beadtree
Excellent fast-growing shade or drive tree with spreading, umbrella-like habit. Lilac flowers appear in spring, followed by clusters of yellow berries, which are attractive to birds but toxic to humans. Deep green leaves turn yellow in autumn. Grows in most well drained soils, prefers full sun. Withstands considerable exposure to wind and drought. Spacing for drives: 5m - 10m+
Deciduous - 7m x 5m

MELICYTUS ramiflorus - Mahoe, Whiteywood
Mahoe is a fast-growing native with a sprawley multi-stemmed habit. Mature trunks and branches are distinctively white. A must for revegetation planting where its rapid growth will protect other species and smother weed growth. Birds love the small purple berries on the female trees in late summer. Will grow in full sun or partial shade, and dry to damp soils.
Evergreen - 5m x 3m

MERYTA sinclairii - Puka
Multi-branched and round headed when mature; very popular in tropical gardens or mixed plantings, or as a shade tree on the lawn. Huge leaves make a clacking noise when blowing in the wind. Shiny black berries in summer attract birds, especially kereru (wood pigeons). Frost tender, wind hardy, suits normal to dry soils. May need occasional spray with insecticide.
Evergreen - 4m x 3m

Records 21 - 40 of 71

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