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Plants for damp & wet places List   Records 61 - 62 of 62

TAXODIUM distichum - Swamp Cypress, Bald Cypress
Large conifer with soft feathery foliage which emerges as a brilliant green in spring, turning to mid-green in summer and becoming rich golden brown in autumn. Will grow in or near water, making it a perfect choice for swampy areas or pond surrounds. Will also grow in normal to dry soils. Reasonably wind tolerant.
Deciduous - 10m x 5m

TAXODIUM mucronatum - Mexican Swamp Cypress
Rapidly growing giant, with strongly weeping branches and a distinct conical shape. Displays rich bronze colour in winter and has long, narrow cones. Great for planting alongside streams or in wet problem areas, though won't grow in standing water. Hardy in all areas but prefers damp or wet soils
Evergreen - 8m x 5m at 10years

  Records 61 - 62 of 62

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