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PSEUDOPANAX laetus - Broad-leaved Five Finger
A fast-growing multi-branched bushy shrub with deep-green glossy leaves, which are broader and more tropical looking than those of the common five finger. Tui feed on the nectar in spring and the fruit in autumn. Grows in sun or shade and most soil conditions except wet. Slightly frost tender. Wind tolerant.
Evergreen - 3m x 1.5m

PSEUDOPANAX lessonii - Coastal Five Finger, Houpara
A tough, coast-hardy shrub with attractive leathery leaves. An excellent fast-growing addition to mixed plantings; its lush look is well suited to tropical gardens. In autumn, birds feed on the purple fruit, which follow tiny green flowers. Grows in sun or part shade and most soil conditions except wet. Wind and frost tolerant.
Evergreen - 3m x 1.5m

PSEUDOPANAX lessonii Goldfinger
Beautiful native with finger like, bright golden new growth ageing to dark green. Great in mixed plantings as a contrast to greens, purples and silver-blues. Avoid wet areas, otherwise happy in average soils, in semi shade or full sun (colour will be better in full sun). Takes coastal, windy sites. Birds attracted to the seeds.
Evergreen - 1.8m x 1.5m

RHOPALOSTYLIS sapida - Nikau Palm
NZ's elegant native palm, with smooth, straight trunk growing to 8m-plus, crowned by feather-like 3m-long fronds. Spectacular lilac to cream flowers form in clusters up to 60cm long through summer, followed by brilliant red fruit, which ripen a year or more later. Being a bush dweller, the nikau likes a shady situation and shelter when young, but later becomes tolerant of sun, wind and coastal conditions. Slow growing. Beautiful planted in a grove.
Evergreen - 4m x 1.5m @ 10 years

SOPHORA godleyi - Rangitikei Kowhai
From the Rangitikei region, this kowhai has long pendulous branches with grey-green foliage and prolific gold flowers, attracting tuis in the spring. Grows in damp (not boggy) or dry soils and is coastal hardy. Grows naturally along stream banks and on the edge of the bush, eventually forming a wide-headed canopy.
Evergreen - 7m x 5m

SOPHORA microphylla Dragon's Gold - Dwarf Kowhai
A compact dwarf form of kowhai that flowers well from a young age, with showy displays of yellow flowers in clusters winter and early summer. A colourful addition to a smaller garden, and very effective as a tub plant. Protect from strong winds and avoid wet soils. Plant in full sun or part shade.
Semi-evergreen - 1m x 1m

VITEX lucens - Puriri
A large native tree with round-headed spreading canopy, excellent for specimen planting in the paddock or lawn, or for use in mixed plantings of natives, especially on windy and/or coastal sites. Maintains juvenile shrubby form for several years. Small dull-red year-round flowers are followed by bright orange-red fruit, enjoyed by native pigeons. Will grow in dry to damp (not wet) soils. Moderately frost tender.
Evergreen - 6m x 5m @ 10 years

  Records 101 - 107 of 107

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