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Deciduous ornamental trees List   Records 1 - 20 of 30

ACER campestre - English Maple, Hedge Maple
Large, round-headed tree, strong growing and hardy. A tough maple for exposed sites/wind. Used as specimen, shelter or shade and can be clipped as a hedge. Autumn foliage is clear yellow, often flushed with red.
Deciduous - 10m x 5m

ACER palmatum - Japanese Maple
Forms a round-headed, airy small tree, with slender green and red branchlets. Perfect for patio, tub or against a wall, in a border or as a specimen on the lawn or beside a pond. Dainty leaves change from reddish in spring to fresh green in summer, then yellow, orange and red in autumn. Mulch to keep roots cool in summer and protect from the wind.
Deciduous - 5m x 4m

ACER palmatum Atropurpureum - Purple Japanese Maple
Small tree with graceful spreading branch habit. One of the most beautiful maples, with purple leaves throughout the season, turning red in autumn. Likes deep, cool soil; mulch to conserve moisture in summer. Wind tender - needs a sheltered spot. Lovely beside water.
Deciduous - 2.5m x 2m

ACER platanoides Nigrum - Purple Norway Maple
A large, vigorous tree with rounded shape, and beautiful large dark purple leaves throughout the growing season, turning reddish-purple in autumn. Reasonably wind tolerant and happy in varying soils and climates except very dry or wet areas. Ideal specimen, shade or drive tree.
Deciduous - 7m x 5m

ACER pseudoplatanus Purpureum - Purple Sycamore Maple
Large tree with spreading habit, needing plenty of space. Fast-growing and hardy to cold and wind, including salt wind. Tolerates wet, dry and exposed sites. Large green maple-shaped leaves are purple underneath and turn to bronze and orange in autumn. Yellowish flowers in spring. Ideal shade tree.
Deciduous - 6m x 4m

ACER rubrum - Red Canadian Maple, Swamp Maple
Quick-growing beautiful large tree, with a neat, rounded shape. Leaves glossy green in summer, turning rich scarlet in autumn. Clusters of small red flowers appear before the leaves in spring. Prefers moist sites and will tolerate swampy soils and moderate winds.
Deciduous - 15m x 7m

ACER saccharum - Sugar Maple
Tall, stately, slow growing, round headed tree with magnificent red, orange and yellow toned autumn colours and a framework of stout, upward sweeping branches. Perfect as a paddock or drive feature tree. Eventually very tall (20-30m); needs plenty of space and well drained, good soil.
Deciduous - 10m x 6m @ 10 years

AESCULUS hippocastanum - Common Horse Chestnut
A magnificent flowering tree from Southeast Europe with rounded crown, heavy twisted trunk and peeling bark. Has big leaves and large, upright conical candles of cream flowers late spring, followed by spiky conkers (not edible). Beautiful avenue or shade tree; prefers fertile soil and protection from constant winds.
Deciduous - 6m x 5m @ 10 years

ALBIZZIA julibrissin rosea - Silk Tree
Drought-hardy spreading shade tree with fern-like foliage and silky, fluffy pink flowers across the crown in summer. Regarded as one of the showiest of trees, especially when viewed from above. Train to desired height by trimming side branches when young. Takes normal to dry soils, including light, sandy soils.
Deciduous - 5m x 5m

BETULA nigra - River Birch
Rugged pyramidal quick-growing tree with diamond-shaped leaves, bright green on top and silvery underneath. Autumn leaves are golden yellow. Glossy, smooth pinkish brown young bark turns blackish with age, then peels off in large flaky curling sheets. Quite at home in soil which is wet in winter and dried out in summer. Eventually a big tree, so needs plenty of space.
Deciduous - 8m x 5m

BETULA pendula - Silver Birch
Graceful, slightly pendulous tree, favoured for its white trunk and delicate foliage. Excellent for lining drives, as specimens, or planting in groups. For a natural woodland effect, plant at irregular spacing. Mulch well to keep roots cool and moist, especially for the first two or three summers. Avoid wet sites.
Deciduous - 8m x 5m

CORNUS kousa chinensis - Chinese Dogwood
A very pretty small tree with year round interest. Bright pink fruit follow flower bracts, which change from cream to white and finally pinkish red in late summer through autumn. Smooth oval leaves give a good show of rich reds, orange and violet in autumn. Performs best planted in full sun in good, friable soil, protected from strong winds. Mulch to keep roots cool.
Deciduous - 4m+ x 3m

FAGUS sylvatica purpurea - Copper Beech
Large, slow-growing spreading tree of great beauty, with branches sweeping to the ground. Leaves are a deep purple-brown, turning lighter golden-copper in autumn. Makes a lovely specimen, flourishing when protected from strong winds. Often used as a clipped hedge in English gardens. Grows in full or partial sun, in most soils except wet.
Deciduous - 10m x 6m

FRAXINUS oxycarpa Raywoodii - Claret Ash
Elegant but hardy large tree with feathery bright green leaves turning deep claret in autumn, and picturesque bare winter branch structure. An excellent choice as a drive liner, shade tree or lawn specimen. Grows quickly in dry to quite poorly drained soils and withstands a reasonable amount of wind.
Deciduous - 8m x 5m

GINKGO biloba - Maidenhair Tree
Sole survivor of an ancient Chinese plant family, the ginkgo is a large-growing tree of great beauty. Bright green maidenhair-shaped leaves turn buttery gold in autumn, then drop to reveal a picturesque branch structure. An ideal shade or specimen tree. Prefers full sun, well-drained soil and protection from strong winds.
Deciduous - 7m x 4m

LIQUIDAMBAR styraciflua - American Sweet Gum
The king of autumn colour, with beautiful pyramidal form and lush maple-like leaves which turn to rich yellow, reds and plums. Well worth a place in the garden, paddock or drive. Stunning mass planted in a gully; also useful in pond plantings. Prefers moist soils and will cope with occasional wet feet. On drier soils, mulch to retain moisture. Dislikes strong winds, especially when young. Spacing for drives: 5m - 10m+.
Deciduous - 10m x 5m

LIRIODENDRON chinense - Chinese Tulip Tree
Eventually very tall, this beautiful tree from Asia makes an ideal drive liner or specimen for the paddock or large garden. Exceptionally large leaves, purple tinted when young and butter yellow in autumn, complement the small, creamy blooms of this rare tree. Protect from strong winds when young, prefers good deep soil, will take slightly moist conditions.
Deciduous - 6m x 4m @ 10 years

MAGNOLIA kobus - Japanese Magnolia
Hardy Japanese magnolia forming a large, low-branched spreading tree. Starry 10cm flowers, creamy white and faintly stained purple, appear on the naked branches in spring. Plant in free-draining soil, protect from strong winds, mulch to retain moisture and avoid disturbing roots. Topdress with acid fertiliser.
Deciduous - 7m x 5m

A beautiful French hybrid. Early in spring, from a young age, masses of open globe-shaped creamy-white flowers, flushed pink and purple, appear on naked branches. Grows well in full sun or part shade, needs protection from strong wind, prefers well-drained soil. Mulch to retain moisture, and avoid disturbing roots. Top-dress annually with acid fertiliser.
Deciduous - 5m x 4m

MELIA azederach - Indian Lilac, Beadtree
Excellent fast-growing shade or drive tree with spreading, umbrella-like habit. Lilac flowers appear in spring, followed by clusters of yellow berries, which are attractive to birds but toxic to humans. Deep green leaves turn yellow in autumn. Grows in most well drained soils, prefers full sun. Withstands considerable exposure to wind and drought. Spacing for drives: 5m - 10m+
Deciduous - 7m x 5m

  Records 1 - 20 of 30

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