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Evergreen ornamental trees List   Records 1 - 20 of 34

AGATHIS australis - Kauri
Majestic forest giant, deserving of a place in the farm or large garden landscape. Ideal to scatter among revegetating bush. Has neat pyramidal form when young, eventually having a spreading crown. Grows in most soils but requires sheltered, part shade situation with cool roots and summer moisture (not waterlogged) when young. Mulch to simulate bush conditions
Evergreen - 6m @ 10 years

ALECTRYON excelsus - Titoki, New Zealand Oak
Attractive large native with short trunk, spreading branches and glossy foliage. Striking red and black fruit enjoyed by the birds follow little rust-red flowers in early summer. Excellent specimen, shade or drive tree. Easily trimmed to desired size. Frost tender when young, and dislikes very windy or wet conditions.
Evergreen - 7m x 4m

BEILSCHMIEDIA tarairi - Taraire
Attractive native forest giant that starts off upright and slender, but develops into a large, round headed tree, perfect for shade or as a specimen. Looks good in any native planting. Kereru (pigeons) eat the dark purple autumn fruit. Tough in the wind, takes normal soils. Frost tender when young.
Evergreen - 8m x 5m @ 10 years

CALLISTEMON salignus - Willow Bottlebrush, Pink Tips
Tall shrub with graceful weeping form, white papery bark, distinctive coppery-pink new shoots and creamy yellow flowers in summer. Birds love the nectar. A good hardy clipped hedge, shelter or screen. Very fast. Also makes a good shade tree. Tolerant of drought, wind, coastal conditions and damp soils. Pruning helps keep plant bushy
Evergreen - 5m x 4m

CEDRUS atlantica - Atlas Cedar
Native to Algeria, this large-growing conifer has a distinctly pyramidal form when young, broadening in maturity. Tufts of green, short needles clothe almost horizontal branches, which ascend slightly at the tips. Drought and exposure tolerant; mulch to smother competing grass and retain moisture. Needs plenty of space.
Evergreen - 12m x 6m

CEDRUS deodara - Indian Cedar, Himalayan Cedar
Large conifer of beautiful pyramidal form, with attractive blue-grey foliage and branches gracefully pendulous at the tips. A lovely ornamental tree, needing plenty of space. Often used in the South Island as a dry country shelter tree. Drought and exposure tolerant; mulch to smother competing grass and retain moisture.
Evergreen - 8m x 5m

CORYNOCARPUS laevigatus - Karaka, NZ Laurel
A handsome big-growing tree with leathery glossy leaves and large orange fruit enjoyed by kereru (wood pigeons). The raw seed is poisonous to humans. Makes a good shade tree or screen and is often used in native revegetation plantings, especially on the coast. Possum hardy and very wind hardy, but frost tender when young, and needs free-draining soils.
Evergreen - 8m x 5m

CUPRESSUS glabra Blue Ice
A beautiful frosted blue smaller growing conifer, with neat, upright, compact habit. Ideal for hedging, but also useful as a contrast shrub in mixed plantings. Easy care and tolerant of a range of conditions, including wind, frost and dryness, but dislikes wet feet.
Evergreen - 5m x 3.5m

DACRYCARPUS dacrydioides - Kahikatea, White Pine
A tall, slow-growing forest giant, with a great expanse of clean unbranched trunk. Thrives along stream sides, around ponds, in damp valleys or in swampy conditions; prefers damp and semi-shaded position when young. Looks great planted in groups or stands and under-planted with grasses. Red fruit in March is good for the birds.
Evergreen - 7m x 4m @ 10 years

DACRYDIUM cupressinum - Rimu
A slow-growing, eventually very tall, long-living forest giant, with straight trunk, neat conical shape and graceful, weeping foliage. Prefers a moist, semi- or fully-shaded position, protected from wind when young, but will cope with dryer soils and full sun once established. Mulching is helpful in early years. Birds are attracted to small fruits on female trees in autumn.
Evergreen - 6m x 3m @ 10 yrs

Small-growing gum with blue-grey leaves, ideal for mixed borders, giving a good contrast with other colours, especially reds and bronzes. Foliage is often used in floral work and is suited to commercial production. Drought tolerant when established. Protect from frost when young.
Evergreen - 3m x 2m

EUCALYPTUS cinerea - Silver Dollar Gum
A tough, attractive, quick-growing shade tree for the paddocks, or for use in mixed plantings with deciduous trees, where the silver-blue leaves mix well with autumn reds and oranges. Foliage is often used in floral work. Tolerant of most conditions except wet soils; frost-hardy.
Evergreen - 10m x 8m

EUCALYPTUS citriodora - Lemon Scented Gum
A magnificent tall gum for lining drives or planting in groves, with long, straight, smooth white trunk, white branches and airy, open crown. Leaves are lemon-scented. Protect from frost when young; otherwise a hardy, fast-growing tree, which can be used for timber. Happy in normal to dry soils. If attacked by insects in juvenile stage, spray with insecticide in summer.
Evergreen - 15 - 20m x 7m

EUCALYPTUS ficifolia - Red Flowering Gum
Handsome, very fast-growing ornamental, usually a single trunked, round-headed tree, with spectacular flowers in summer. Although predominantly reds, colour on these seedling grown ficifolias can range through cream, orange, pink and deep red. Drought tolerant when established and coastal tolerant. Protect from frost when young. Flowers from early age.
Evergreen - 6-10m x 5m

EUCALYPTUS leucoxylon Rosea - Winter Flowering Gum
A quick-growing ornamental gum - great in a big garden with space, or out in the paddock as a shade tree. Tui and native bellbirds enjoy the honey-bearing flowers late autumn/winter. Flower colour on these seedling grown trees varies from pink to deep red. Wind tolerant and hardy to heavy frosts; avoid wet sites.
Evergreen - 8m x 6m

EUCALYPTUS nicholli - Peppermint Gum
Very attractive ornamental gum with weeping branches and fine textured bluish-green foliage, which smells of peppermint when crushed. Tiny white inconspicuous flowers attract birds. Grows in moist (not wet) soils and withstands drought and frost. Excellent shade tree.
Evergreen - 10+m x 6m

EUCALYPTUS nitens - Shining Gum
Tall, very hardy, exceptionally fast gum with excellent tolerance to humidity, frost, and dry to moist soils, but not prolonged waterlogging. A good species for firewood as it coppices well (resprouts after cutting); also used for very fast shelter (5m in two years on fertile sites) and pulpwood. Smooth, pale bark. Leaves become narrower as tree matures.
Evergreen - 25m x 10m

KNIGHTIA excelsa - Rewarewa, NZ Honeysuckle
Forms a tall (15m+), slender, poplar-like tree with long, toothed, coarse leaves and showy reddish-brown and yellow flowers which attract tui, bellbird, silvereye and bees in late spring/early summer. Grows in full sun or part shade, and takes wind and coastal conditions. Avoid waterlogged soils and protect from frost when young.
Evergreen - 7m x 2m @ 10 years

MAGNOLIA grandiflora Ferruginea
A sturdy, selected form of the parent M. grandiflora, with rust-coloured heavily felted undersides to thick glossy leaves, and big, fragrant creamy-white flowers in summer. Use as paddock tree, lawn specimen or drive liner at 5 - 10m spacing. Virtually pest-free and no-fuss, coping with dry to damp soils and wind. Trims readily to any desired size or shape.
Evergreen - 7m x 5m

MAGNOLIA grandiflora Little Gem
Compact, pyramidal shaped tree with large shiny leaves and lots of big, creamy summer flowers from an early age. Grows in most soils; hardy to frost and most wind. Although called 'Little Gem' this cultivar is still a big growing tree, some specimens reaching 8m in 10 years. Flowers are smaller than those of the species grandiflora. Ideal specimen or drive liner, at 5 to 10m spacing.
Evergreen - 5-8m x 4m

  Records 1 - 20 of 34

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