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ACACIA melanoxylon - Australian Blackwood
A fast, attractive shelterbelt; also grown for coppice firewood (7 yrs) and high quality timber (30 - 35yrs). Works well with eucalypts in mixed shelterbelt. Tolerates wide range of sites from wet to dry, but will be slower in extremes than on well-drained loams where growth of 5m in 2.5 years is possible. Avoid very exposed positions. Spacing: shelter, 1.5m; firewood, 2 x 2m; timber, 3 x 3m with nurse-crop (such as eucalyptus) in alternate rows.
Evergreen - 10m x 6m

CASUARINA cunninghamiana - River Sheoke
A very fast, tough Australian tree, commonly used for shelterbelts; will trim to whatever size is required. Favoured by orchardists because it tends not to harbour pests and diseases, and is less dense than other evergreens, allowing free circulation of air. Excellent for erosion control and makes good, hot-burning firewood. Takes strong winds and dry to damp conditions.
Evergreen - 8m x 5m

EUCALYPTUS botryoides - Southern Mahogany
Very fast, large shelter, firewood and hardwood timber tree. Coppices well: i.e. when cut off at knee height, new growth shoots from stump. Can be first harvested for firewood at approx 5 years. Bark is thick and brown on the lower trunk and limbs, then smooth further up. Takes dry to swampy soils. Salt wind tolerant, and will grow well in hollows in sand dune country. Spacing: Shelter/firewood, 2m; timber, 3m.
Evergreen - 20+m x 10m

EUCALYPTUS nitens - Shining Gum
Tall, very hardy, exceptionally fast gum with excellent tolerance to humidity, frost, and dry to moist soils, but not prolonged waterlogging. A good species for firewood as it coppices well (resprouts after cutting); also used for very fast shelter (5m in two years on fertile sites) and pulpwood. Smooth, pale bark. Leaves become narrower as tree matures.
Evergreen - 25m x 10m

EUCALYPTUS ovata - Swamp Gum
Has little value as a timber tree, but is a strongly coppicing firewood tree, i.e. when cut off at knee height, new growth shoots from stump. Can be harvested at approx 5 years, and will continue to regrow over several rotations. Bark is rough and flaky over the lower trunk but is smooth tan or grey further up. Very useful for waterlogged sites, including those which are mildly saline. Firewood spacing: 2m x 2m.
Evergreen - 20+m x 10m

SEQUOIA sempervirens - Californian Redwood
Stately, narrow conical tree for farm landscaping or durable timber production. Likes deep, moist (not swampy) soils and more sheltered sites; lovely beside a stream. Plant singly or in groves at 3-6m spacing. Grows quickly in NZ's climate (up to 1m-plus per year) and is eventually very tall (25-35m). At 111m, a USA sequoia, 'The Founder's Tree', is the world's tallest recorded tree. Growth rings in fallen giants have indicated a life span of 2200 years.
Evergreen - 8m x 4m @ 10 years

    Records 1 - 6 of 6

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