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ASPLENIUM bulbiferum - Hen & Chickens Fern
An easy-to-grow fern for full or partial shade. Tolerates dry soils but prefers moist conditions. New foliage is bright green and darkens as it ages. Fernlets (the 'chickens') develop on older leaves. These can be plucked off and grown. Frost tolerant.
Evergreen - 75cm x 75cm

BLECHNUM discolor - Piu Piu, Crown Fern
Grows in sunny to shady conditions but prefers some shade. Has long fronds, sprouting from a tufted crown, can develop a small trunk. Easy to grow.
Evergreen - 75cm x 75cm

BLECHNUM novae-zelandiae - Kiokio
A small growing, vigorous native ground fern with ladder fronds. Doesn't mind a sunny position but avoid full midday sun. Also tolerates coastal conditions. Prefers moist soils and performs best when mulched.
Evergreen - 75cm x 75cm

DICKSONIA squarrosa - Wheki, Rough Tree Fern
Grows slowly to about 6m, with shorter, harsher fronds than most other tree ferns, and a characteristic 'skirt' of dead fronds on the slender black trunk. Will tolerate some exposure to the elements, (sun, shade, moist, dry or coastal conditions), but prefers a site with partial shade and minimal wind. Copes better with sun and wind if roots are protected by mulching.
Evergreen - 2m x 1.5m @ 10 years

    Records 1 - 4 of 4

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