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CORTADERIA fulvida - Toetoe
Attractive native grass forming large tussocks with tall, feathery flower plumes in spring/early summer. (Not to be confused with autumn-flowering introduced pampas). Golden flower heads may be pinkish when they first emerge. Useful for erosion control, as low shelter, or as nurse plant in revegetation projects. Grows easily on most sites, from dry sandy soils on the coast to moist swamp margins.
Evergreen - 2m x 2m

PHORMIUM cookianum - Mountain Flax
A smaller growing flax than the more common Phormium tenax, but just as hardy, growing in rocky or sandy conditions and any soils, dry to damp (but not swampy). Tolerant of cold, heat and coastal winds. Foliage varies from erect leaves to more lax drooping leaves. Tall spikes of orange and yellow flowers attract tuis, bellbirds and silvereye in late spring, summer.
Evergreen - 1m x 1m

PHORMIUM tenax - Swamp Flax, NZ Green Flax
Very hardy, quick-growing broad-leafed plant. Excellent shelter for very windy places, coastal hardy. Tolerates both wet and dry soils. Great in mixed plantings, for erosion control, around ponds, as nurse shelter in native revegetation blocks and for planting in waste-water dispersal areas. Excellent for wetland plantings. Flowers on tall spikes attract birds.
Evergreen - 2-3m x 2m

PHORMIUM tenax purpureum - Purple Swamp Flax
A seedling-grown version of the green swamp flax, this is a vigorous grower with smooth bronzy leaves. Because it is grown from seed, there are many interesting colour variations, from bronze to deep purple. Purple flax is smaller than the green swamp flax, but just as hardy and fast. Will take dry to wet conditions. Large flower spikes are favourites with tuis.
Evergreen - 1.5m x 1m

    Records 1 - 4 of 4

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