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Plants for damp & wet places List   Records 1 - 20 of 62

ACACIA melanoxylon - Australian Blackwood
A fast, attractive shelterbelt; also grown for coppice firewood (7 yrs) and high quality timber (30 - 35yrs). Works well with eucalypts in mixed shelterbelt. Tolerates wide range of sites from wet to dry, but will be slower in extremes than on well-drained loams where growth of 5m in 2.5 years is possible. Avoid very exposed positions. Spacing: shelter, 1.5m; firewood, 2 x 2m; timber, 3 x 3m with nurse-crop (such as eucalyptus) in alternate rows.
Evergreen - 10m x 6m

ACER pseudoplatanus Purpureum - Purple Sycamore Maple
Large tree with spreading habit, needing plenty of space. Fast-growing and hardy to cold and wind, including salt wind. Tolerates wet, dry and exposed sites. Large green maple-shaped leaves are purple underneath and turn to bronze and orange in autumn. Yellowish flowers in spring. Ideal shade tree.
Deciduous - 6m x 4m

ACER rubrum - Red Canadian Maple, Swamp Maple
Quick-growing beautiful large tree, with a neat, rounded shape. Leaves glossy green in summer, turning rich scarlet in autumn. Clusters of small red flowers appear before the leaves in spring. Prefers moist sites and will tolerate swampy soils and moderate winds.
Deciduous - 15m x 7m

BETULA nigra - River Birch
Rugged pyramidal quick-growing tree with diamond-shaped leaves, bright green on top and silvery underneath. Autumn leaves are golden yellow. Glossy, smooth pinkish brown young bark turns blackish with age, then peels off in large flaky curling sheets. Quite at home in soil which is wet in winter and dried out in summer. Eventually a big tree, so needs plenty of space.
Deciduous - 8m x 5m

CALLISTEMON John Mashlan - Pink Bottlebrush
Tough but pretty shrub, with masses of candyfloss pink flowers in spring and autumn. Birds love the flowers, especially tui. A very fast screen or filler; can be used as a formal clipped hedge (50cm to 70cm spacing), or as a low shelter (1m spacing). Tolerant of drought, wind and damp soils. Flowers better in full sun, and a light trim after flowering helps keep plant bushy.
Evergreen - 2m x 2m

CALLISTEMON Kings Park Special - Red Bottlebrush
Tough, wind-hardy, coastal-hardy, fast-growing shrub for moist to dry conditions. Excellent for banks, borders and screens. Prolific bright-red flowers spring and early summer attract birds (especially tuis) and give a colourful display. Clipping occasionally will help maintain bushiness, while more frequent clipping will produce a good hedge. Flowers best in full sun.
Evergreen - 3m x 3m

CALLISTEMON Mauve - Mauve Bottlebrush
A tough, wind-hardy, coastal-hardy, fast-growing shrub for moist to dry conditions. Excellent for banks, borders and screens. Prolific mauve-pink flowers through summer attract the birds and give a colourful display. Occasional clipping helps maintain bushiness, while more frequent clipping will produce a good hedge.
Evergreen - 2.5m x 2m

CALLISTEMON salignus - Willow Bottlebrush, Pink Tips
Tall shrub with graceful weeping form, white papery bark, distinctive coppery-pink new shoots and creamy yellow flowers in summer. Birds love the nectar. A good hardy clipped hedge, shelter or screen. Very fast. Also makes a good shade tree. Tolerant of drought, wind, coastal conditions and damp soils. Pruning helps keep plant bushy
Evergreen - 5m x 4m

CAREX dipsacea - Tahoata
A vigorous native grass with green foliage, slightly tinged with red. Quickly forms a rounded tussocky clump, making it ideal for planting in the garden, on banks or beside a pond. Extremely hardy, and tolerant of dry to wet sites; often used in native wetland plantings. Grows in sun or part shade. If plants become untidy, cut back hard or 'groom' to remove old foliage and flower heads.
Evergreen - 80cm x 80cm

CAREX lessoniana - Rautahi, Spreading Swamp Sedge
A tough, vigorous native grass, often used in wetland and native revegetation plantings. Ideal for stabilising stream banks. Extremely hardy and tolerant of damp or wet sites, but will also grow in normal soils, sun or part shade. Leaves are rich, bright to dark green, with harsh edges. Rautahi's wide creeping rhizome often results in a plant wider than it is high.
Evergreen - 1mh x 2mw

CAREX secta - Pukio
A large, vigorous native grass, ideal for planting in the garden or beside a pond, and used extensively in wetland and native revegetation plantings. Extremely hardy and tolerant of damp or wet sites, including shallow water or swamps. Grows in sun or part shade. If plants become untidy, cut back hard. They will recover rapidly with renewed vigour.
Evergreen - 1.5m x 1m

CAREX virgata
Handsome, vigorous, bright green swamp sedge, which also grows quite happily on dry sites, in sun or semi-shade. It is very similar to Carex secta, but doesn't grow quite as large, and maintains a deeper green colour. Foliage is coarse and sharp edged. Useful in mass plantings, on banks, stream edges and in native wetland plantings. Plants which have become untidy can be cut back hard. They will soon regenerate.
Evergreen - 1.2m x 1m

CASUARINA cunninghamiana - River Sheoke
A very fast, tough Australian tree, commonly used for shelterbelts; will trim to whatever size is required. Favoured by orchardists because it tends not to harbour pests and diseases, and is less dense than other evergreens, allowing free circulation of air. Excellent for erosion control and makes good, hot-burning firewood. Takes strong winds and dry to damp conditions.
Evergreen - 8m x 5m

COPROSMA robusta - Karamu
A tough, fast-growing native shrub, used extensively for native revegetation, and erosion control, but also useful for hedging, under planting of larger trees and for mixed native borders. Prolific orange fruit attracts birds. Tolerates sun or shade, poor soils (including damp), strong winds, ocean spray and cold, and trims readily.
Evergreen - 2m x 1.5m

CORDYLINE australis - Ti Kouka, Cabbage Tree
This palm-like New Zealand icon is very easy to grow in conditions ranging from windy, dry and sandy to swampy; sun or shade. Great for landscaping, especially in mixed plantings; also used extensively in native revegetation and wetland plantings. Spray for caterpillars at first sign of infestation (holes in leaves), and avoid piling bark mulch up against the trunk, as it harbours slaters, which chew the trunks.
Evergreen - 6m x 2m

CORDYLINE australis Purpurea - Purple Cabbage Tree
A seedling grown purple version of the green cabbage tree, with slightly slower growth rate and less ultimate height. Removing growing tip helps multiple heads develop. Takes coastal winds, dry to damp soils, full sun or part shade. Spray for caterpillars at first sign of infestation (holes in leaves). Sweet flowers attract birds.
Evergreen - 5m x 2m

CORTADERIA fulvida - Toetoe
Attractive native grass forming large tussocks with tall, feathery flower plumes in spring/early summer. (Not to be confused with autumn-flowering introduced pampas). Golden flower heads may be pinkish when they first emerge. Useful for erosion control, as low shelter, or as nurse plant in revegetation projects. Grows easily on most sites, from dry sandy soils on the coast to moist swamp margins.
Evergreen - 2m x 2m

CYPERUS ustulatus - Giant Umbrella Sedge
A large, coarse, tussock-forming plant which grows easily in a variety of soils and situations where moisture is present, including coastal. Resents very dry soils, but happy in damp or very wet sites. Will grow in shallow water, making it useful in wetland plantings. Flower stems of up to 1.2m carry dark brown, shining spikelets.
Evergreen - 1m x m

DACRYCARPUS dacrydioides - Kahikatea, White Pine
A tall, slow-growing forest giant, with a great expanse of clean unbranched trunk. Thrives along stream sides, around ponds, in damp valleys or in swampy conditions; prefers damp and semi-shaded position when young. Looks great planted in groups or stands and under-planted with grasses. Red fruit in March is good for the birds.
Evergreen - 7m x 4m @ 10 years

DICKSONIA squarrosa - Wheki, Rough Tree Fern
Grows slowly to about 6m, with shorter, harsher fronds than most other tree ferns, and a characteristic 'skirt' of dead fronds on the slender black trunk. Will tolerate some exposure to the elements, (sun, shade, moist, dry or coastal conditions), but prefers a site with partial shade and minimal wind. Copes better with sun and wind if roots are protected by mulching.
Evergreen - 2m x 1.5m @ 10 years

  Records 1 - 20 of 62

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